Unclog Drain (Cleanout Accessible)

Unclog Drain (Cleanout Accessible)


Clogged Drain Repair Home Service Los Angeles.

What’s included with this service?
  • Identifying the cause and source of the clog
  • Unclogging drain with snakes or water jets

Product Description

Unclog Drain by a Plumbing Pro

What is included:
  • Pro labor to unclog an accessible secondary drain line by removing p-trap or using a power snake
  • We will unclog a single Toilet, Sink, or Drain, however if you have multiple clogs, you may require a Sewer Cleaning
  • Drains include sinks, tubs & showers
  • Residential unclogs only
Top reasons people book this:
  • Clogged toilet
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Clogged or slow draining sink (Kitchen or Bathroom)
  • Clogged or slow draining shower or tub drain
What is excluded:
  • Drains without a Cleanout Unclog Drain (Cleanout Not Accessible)
  • Replacement of P-Trap and 2-Part Waste
  • Difficult to access drain lines
  • Toilet removal to unclog the drain
  • Unclogging through roof vents
  • Excavation of sewer line to remove tree roots
  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Hydro jetting and other advanced methods of unclogging
  • Commercial unclogs
  • Drains located outdoors may have additional costs
Warranty & Guarantees:
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with our workmanship, we will re-do the work for free, or If we cannot fix the problem, we will fully refund your money up to $10,000 for up to thirty (30) days from the date of service


Do you have a clogged drain? Our licensed Los Angeles plumbers can unclog any drain for a low, fixed price. We use a power auger to quickly clear any obstructions in your drain line and get your drain flowing as soon as possible.
Unclog Drain Information

What causes a clogged drain? A clogged drain is typically caused by the gradual accumulation of organic matter like hair and grease on the inside walls of drain pipes. Over time, this build-up slows down the normal flow of water through the pipe, much like cholesterol in the bloodstream. When a clump of debris or a wad of hair tries to pass through the pipe, it can become stuck and completely block the flow. The result is a clogged bathtub or sink drain.

How do I unclog my drain? While a plunger can sometimes unclog minor obstructions, a stubborn or persistent clog will require a visit from one of our licensed Los Angeles plumbers, who will use a tool called an auger (also known as a “snake”).

This tool works in the opposite way that a plunger does. The plumber will push the snake into the clog and crank it to drive the snake deeper into the obstruction. While parts of the clog break up and flush through the drain, the snake helps a plumber gain access to the clog in order to successfully remove it.

In some cases, the licensed Los Angeles plumber will use an electric snake, which has the power necessary to get through tough clogs. Snakes are especially handy because they’re long enough to reach clogs that are lodged deep within a drainpipe and ultimately unclog the drain.

Are there any exceptions? Sometimes a clogged sink, tub, shower or even toilet is not caused by debris in your home’s pipes (called the secondary drains). Instead, the clog is the result of foreign obstructions like roots in the sewer main. If our plumber determines that the clog is caused by an obstruction in the sewer main, it may require that we hydrojet the main line. While we try very hard to provide up-front, transparent pricing, custom jobs like these will require us to give you an estimate for the work.



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