What You Need to Know about AC Installation

AC Installation

Having a new air conditioning system installed in your home can be exciting, especially if you’ve been using window units or just fans to keep your home cool during the hot season. In Long Beach, most of the year is warm enough that a little AC is necessary to keep a room comfortable. Before having any system installed, here’s what you need to know about AC installation in Long Beach:

1. The size of your how is going to affect the cost of AC installation. The first thing you need to understand about your AC installation project is that larger your home is, the more expensive your installation is going to be, no matter what type of system you are having installed. Why? Because larger and/or more efficient units are required in order to cool larger homes. Larger homes may also occasionally require more complicated duct work or be slightly more difficult to do an installation on.

2. The type of system you have installed matters. Having a ducted system installed in a home that does not have underlying duct work is a large and sometimes intimidating prospect. It is not, however the only option you have. If you already have ducts that are used by your heating system, it is generally fairly easy to install an AC unit that uses those same ducts. That said, there are systems that do not require you to install all new duct work in a house that does not already have it.

3. The location of your installation with probably affect the cost. If you have a difficult install situation, it might affect how much you have to pay for an AC installation. Tiny attics, difficult to reach yards, and certain types of insulation make it more difficult to install a system, depending on where the system is ultimately going to be located.

4. Find an AC installation service you trust. The company that installs your AC system is likely also going to be the same company you call when that system needs maintenance or a repair. Make sure that you trust the people who are doing the installation, so that when the time does come for you to call them again, you can do so knowing they will provide you with the same high-quality work as before.