There are few types of equipment at your home that saves you from discomfort of unfavorable weather outside. You care about servicing of your car and other devices of daily use but you usually forget to pay attention towards your cooling and heating device. It is necessary to take care of these crucial devices as they comfort you day and night. We know and understand how much you have invested in all of these devices and therefore at Metric HVAC, we prioritize quality and innovation during all stages of our work. In the post below there is a brief description of our services, our aim and our unique way of performing which makes us stand out of the crowd.

What is special about our Air conditioner installation?

Selecting the brand and model and then purchasing the AC is undoubtedly a difficult task which requires thorough research as you have to compare and evaluate different models. After purchasing the first step that requires your attention is installation of AC. It can be simple enough for the technicians to install the AC but the difficult part is to select the correct spot of installation. It is possible that the place which you have thought of might not be apt for AC as it may have exposure to water which can damage the machinery and lead to growth of moulds on the surface of AC. Our technicians are expert in AC installation and thus they will guide you about the best place where you should get your AC installed and they will do the installation for you. We value your investment and therefore AC installation is more than just installing the setup of AC!
San Pedro AC Installation
Repairing for uninterrupted functioning

We strive for innovation and excellence in our work. You may find multiple AC repairing service providers around you but we are unique as we always try to follow the techniques which consumes less time and are more efficient. Our repairing service is focused at removing problems at root level as we believe in offering permanent solution to the problem. If some spare part of your AC requires replacement then we will guide accordingly instead of recommending repair just to mint more money. We follow the path of honesty and may be that is why our customers feel value for their every penny spent. We know in the scorching summer you won’t like to stay without your lovable AC therefore we cater to the repairing requirements of both residential and commercial units.
Assistance in selecting appropriate device
If you are looking for an appropriate heating and cooling devices then we will help you in meeting your demands. Keeping in mind the weather of California we will recommend you the correct device for your home. You may find lot of complex HVAC systems which vary in structures and functions. Our technicians will guide depending upon your needs the equipment, model and brand which can keep you comfortable and help in progressing your business.

How can servicing increase the life of your device?

If your Ac or heating device is not working properly then the first thing that will come to your mind is that it may require replacement. But consulting Southwest HVAC can prove to be valuable! If the HVAC system is not maintained and serviced regularly then mould, debris and dust and other particles of dirt get accumulated on its HVAC system which lowers down the efficiency of cooling system. Regular Air conditioning Service by Metric HVAC helps in catching these and it can detect the potential problems at a very early stage. If the problems are caught when they are still repairable then it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.
Innovative techniques is the food for our diet
Like nutrients are necessary for the proper growth of tissues of the body similarly incorporating innovative techniques in our working methodologies keep us active. This is the reason that we have included unique and efficient techniques naming six sigma, aeroseal and value stream mapping which helps in cleaning of air ducts and other parts from inside without impacting the machinery functionality. These techniques are certified and completely safe to use. Also they are quick which helps in saving a lot of time, money and effort on wasteful activities. It makes the detection and correction easy and our technicians are skilled enough to use them properly so that it meets the customer needs and save from extra botheration.

Why we take pride in our technicians?

We have created right and efficient training courses and state of the art techniques to develop their skills relating to repairing, servicing and installation. Our technicians have developed expertise to work on different models of different brands and this is the reason that we healthily welcome all type of issues of our customers. We always try to produce a perfect blend of industry’s best practices and forward thinking approach so as to offer satisfying and flexible solution to our customers and our technicians help us in fulfilling this!

How do we achieve our aim of continuous improvement?

We are driven by innovation and that is why we strive to provide world class service to our customers so as to maximise the potential of our service. We strongly aim for continuous improvement as this helps us in keeping uniqueness alive. We achieve it by focussing on improved quality always. At Metric HVAC, we encourage our employees to contribute to decision making process with their new ideas. This helps us in bringing novelty in our work as everyone feels encouraged to take responsibility for their actions.
Since the inception of this venture we have tried to increase our standards so that we can provide best possible service in the least possible time and money and our service men, customers and human workforce has helped us day and night to achieve this. We assure that our proficient and round the clock service with varied brands under one roof will give you an incomparable satisfaction. Contact us today for quick and efficient solution and we would feel contented after seeing the contented smile at your face!