How can you get more from your mini split heat pump?

Nowadays split AC’s are becoming popular in the cold climate areas all around the world. But before buying one for your house, you should know how to get more benefits from a ductless mini-split. If you can follow certain things you are going to get more from your mini-split heat pump during the winter months.

Few steps to get more out from your ductless mini-split

  • The most important way to get more from a mini-split AC is to reduce its size. An accurate calculation of house-heating is very much required in this process. If you can reduce the energy consumption by improving the thermal envelope of your house then it will lead to the selection of small sized ductless mini split AC.
  • The output of a mini-split heat pump drops if the outdoor temperature starts dropping. So choosing the size of a heat pump by meeting the outdoor heat load will always give more efficiency to your AC.
  • You have to prepare for a little noise as the interior unit of a mini-split AC makes noise. You must check the noise before installing one.
  • Apart from this, try not to keep the outdoor unit of a ductless mini-split on the ground. In the snowy area, heavy snowfall will damage the outdoor unit. So, always try to install it at least 2 feet above from ground and keep it protected a cover or roof. Heavy snowfall will cost extra energy consumption. Hence, if you can create a porch space for your outdoor unit, then the evaporators will draw air from that porch and will benefit you by improving the efficiency of your mini-split heat pump
  • Always try to install the interior unit at least 18 inches above from your floor. It will increase the efficiency of an LG mini-split AC. It will help warm air to mix with cold air and it will help you during filter cleaning. Moreover, if you can ensure that you are installing your AC with a large pipe as it will reduce the compressor noise transfer.

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