How Do I Know When I Need Air Conditioning Service?

Air Conditioning Service

This is one of the most common questions that air conditioning companies get—how do I know when I need air conditioning service. If you have an AC system, you will eventually need Long Beach air conditioning service. But how do you know when the time is right to have your system looked at? The short answer is this: it is never going to be a waste of your money to have a professional look at your system. The long answer is a little more complicated.

Why do I need air conditioning service?

As your system runs, it collects dust, dirt, debris, etc. from the environment. While much of this dust is caught by the filter, outdoor compressors can be invaded by dust and dirt, ruining the efficiency of your coils and filters. Each year that this continues to build up, it reduces the efficiency of your system, by as much as 5%. In only three years, you could be spending 15% more to run that system than you were when it was first installed.

Over time, small issues will become big ones and big issues will become disastrous ones. If allowed to run without being properly maintained, you will likely see a large, expensive repair sitting in your lap, instead of an affordable, small repair, if the problem had been caught during routine maintenance.

When do I need Long Beach air conditioning service?

AC RepairYearly maintenance, performed before you turn your air conditioning unit on for the first time that season, is often the best time to have your Long Beach air conditioning service. This is a low cost, preventative measure that can take care of any small repairs before they bloom into big ones.

Keep in mind that this service is designed to keep your system running at maximum efficiency. This means that if you get your regular air conditioning service, you are going to be paying less to run your system of its lifetime than you would if you did not get that regular maintenance. Air conditioning service is an investment in your system and keeping it running properly, so that you do not have to pay for an expensive repair or replacement in the future.