Heat Pump water heater systems can save your energy bill

We all need hot water during the winter months. In such cases, heat Pump water heaters are very popular as it has got lots of advantages. Making your water hot takes the second largest energy pull in any household. The biggest advantage of heat pump water heaters is that they can pull down the energy bill by half as compared to the electric water heaters.

Heat pump water heater installation

  • Installation of heat pump water heaters is also very important. In places, where the climatic condition is cold, these heaters will perform quite well, if it is installed in the basement, but not in the garage or in the vented closet. In the warm climate, on the other hand, a garage or the vented closet will be the ideal choice.
  • Though the installation cost is a bit higher than the normal electric ones, but the cost can be recovered much more in the long run. The performance can be better if the installation is done by experts.

Benefits of Geothermal heat pump system

Geothermal Heat Pump systems are one of the most popular ones that are also used in many houses. Their biggest benefit is that they can cool your home during the summer months and at the same time, make your water hot. During the winter months, the thermostat mode can be used to heat the water.

Geothermal heat pumps are about 50-70% more efficient than conventional heating systems and 20-40% more efficient than cooling appliances. They also use up less electricity, thus resulting in significant cost savings. Although the cost of setting them up is a big high, they work for a long time and are worth a lot more than their investment. Also, they produce a lot less greenhouse gases thus being environment friendly, and they help improve the quality of air inside houses.

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