How to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

If you want to make the most of your AC and heating system, here are some tips to help you prolong its life for as long as possible:

1. Make sure your HVAC system is regularly maintained. If you are committed to getting the most out of your ductless mini split AC and heating, ducted, or any other HVAC system in building, it is time to think seriously about scheduling regular maintenance. Regularly having your HVAC system evaluated by a professional will allow you to keep it in peak condition and it can help you catch small issues before they have the opportunity to balloon into giant ones that will require you to replace the entire system or to have an expensive repair performed.


2. Regularly change your filters. This is the most important thing you as the owner of the system can do to keep it working properly. The older your filter is, the dirtier it is, and the harder your system has to work in order to function properly. Not only will this increase the cost of running your system, it will also stress that system so that it is much more likely to develop an issue. At the beginning of every new season, at the very least, you should change your filter to avoid straining your system.AC Maintenance & Installation

3. Set your system to a better temperature. If it is a hundred degrees outside, it is going to take your ductless mini split AC and heating system a long time to get your rooms down to 65 degrees. It may actually run all day and never get your rooms that cool. Your rooms will probably be perfectly comfortable even if you do not set it at such an unattainable temperature. If you can hear that your system is turning on but never turning off, you need to pick a better, less stressful temperature. The same goes for heating your home on a cold, day, too. If your system is running and running and not reaching the desired temperature, you need to pick a different temperature.