Daikin Mini Split are ideal to temperature control rooms and are also very energy efficient.
Mini split air conditioning units tend to be one of the best AC options for growers because they are extremely good at converting wattage energy into cooling power.

Mini split AC’s are mainly so efficient because they avoid energy losses associated with duct work of central forced air systems, like the ones you see in residential houses. Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space air conditioning. Mini split air conditioners also separate the portion of the air conditioner that creates heat, and keeps it external to the area you’re trying to cool.
So for grow rooms, arguably the greatest benefit of mini split AC’s is the ability to keep your indoor garden a completely sealed environment. A sealed environment allows you to keep consistent levels in your temperature, humidity, and CO2. A common misconception about grow rooms is that you need fresh air exchange. This misconception is based on the need to bring fresh air in with CO2 into your grow room, which is definitely very important, but if you’re supplementing with Exhale Bags, a CO2 Tank, or a CO2 Generator, and keeping your CO2 parts per million (PPM) between 300 and 1500, then your plants will grow healthily assuming all other variables are kept in check.
Some other benefits of mini splits are that they can be hung from the wall high up so they don’t take up much needed floor space that your plants will need. Now these units are called mini splits because they consist of two units: the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser. These two components are connected via tubing that allows the necessary refrigerant to move through the two units. There’s also a condensation line for built up condensation to be exited from the air handler to an exterior location be it outside or another room. You generally need only about a 3 inch hole in your wall to connect this condenser to the air handler