Looking for ways to cut your electric bill and make your carbon footprint smaller? Then check out these 10 tips for efficient home heating.

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The cold front is here and the U.S. is getting battered by winter. With the warm months so far away, it’s time to take stock of your home heating system and its efficiency.

There are a few steps you can take to make sure your home stays warm while you cut down heating costs. There are often things about a home that people don’t realize are detrimental to their heating bill.

Furthermore, ensuring your home is an efficient one will help you save energy which is better for both your bill and the planet. With these ten tips and a few energy-saving efforts, you’ll be on your way to a lower monthly bill and a warm home all winter long.

We’ve done the research for you. Here are ten things to consider for your home this winter.

1. Find and Seal the Drafts

Drafts can be occurring throughout your home without you realizing it. To find the drafts, on a windy day use a stick of incense or a small candle and move it around all of your windowsills and doors. You will see the flame flicker or the smoke being blown in a certain direction.

With your hand, feel around the area in the direction that the smoke or flame is being wafted. You’ll feel where the cool air is escaping. Then, you can seal the drafts.

Use silicone caulking or foam sealant for window frames. Use weather stripping to seal drafts around windows and doors. If you need to, purchase a door draft stopper as well. These will help your home heating stay in the home instead of sneaking out through nooks and crannies.

2. Winterize Your Home

Windows in a home have the opposite effect of insulation. If you have multiple windows in a room, consider hanging curtains on each side of them, and close them on a regular basis.

You might lose some light at certain parts of the day, but you’ll certainly insulate your home better. If you have a canopy bed, hang decorative curtains around your bed that you can close at night to keep the heat in the bed area. This will allow you to turn down your thermostat at night and save money.

3. Thermostat

Try your best to not crank up your thermostat too high, even in the winter. Find a temperature that is comfortable enough but not overbearing for the cold months. Your home needs to be comfortable, but not an oven.

If you can lower the thermostat, especially at night, you’ll save energy and money on your monthly bill. Furthermore, your body will adjust to the temperature you set it at. It doesn’t need to be 78 degrees in your home during winter.

Your body will do just fine around 68. If you’re noticing any problems with your thermostat, hire the pros with great online reviews to come assist you.

4. Winterize Yourself

If you’re kicking around your home this winter shirtless in boxers, then you’re bound to consistently turn up your heating to stay warm. When it comes to home heating efficiency, simply dress warmly.

You won’t feel as cold as your body will generate its own heat. This will allow you to keep your home thermostat at a much lower temperature.

5. Consider Renewable Energy Heating Systems

While you will pay more upfront for a renewable energy system, you will certainly save in the long run. A solar or geothermal unit has many benefits. Many of these units come with rebates and incentives as well.

It will lower your monthly bill and keep your home warmer with new technology that is more efficient.

6. Rug It

Have cold tile floors throughout your home? It’s time to invest in floor rugs that will compliment your home. Placing rugs on hardwood flooring, tiles or linoleum will assist you in your insulation efforts.

Rugs will trap heat in while keeping your toes warm. Rugs are a great way to add decorative elements to your home while insulating your home as well. Many people don’t consider floor rugs when they think of home heating, but large area rugs can make all the difference.

7. Space Heater

If you are constantly working in a home office or a certain room in your home for a large portion of the day, consider a space heater. Space heaters are great when the entire home doesn’t need to be warm.

Purchase a space heater for under your desk while you’re working from home and the rest of the family is away. It will keep your warm and majorly save your energy bill from skyrocketing this winter.

8. Use the Fireplace for Home Heating

Wood-burning fireplaces give off an incredible amount of heat. They give off more heat than a gas fireplace. You can burn scraps or fallen trees all winter long to keep your home warm.

One of the most cost-effective forms of home heating is burning wood pellets which are made from sawdust. Head to your local store and purchase a large bag to that you can burn through this winter during the heavy storms. Natural heat is a good heat.

9. Have Your Heating System Regularly Services

Poorly maintained units quickly become inefficient. Make sure you have maintenance and repairs done on your home heating system on a regular basis.

Keeping your exhaust filters clean and your air ducts flowing will allow the air to move freely throughout your home. Don’t pay extra for heat that is stuck somewhere in your system.

10. Be Aware

Truly, just being aware of what is happening with the heating in your home can save both energy and home heating costs. Make sure your thermostat stays at a steady temperature to avoid it having to work extra hard during sudden cold fronts.

Pick a steady range, and make sure and turn the heat off when you leave for long periods. Lower your thermostat at night. Simply pay attention to the heat that is in your home and the weather conditions outside.

Efficient Energy

Conserving energy and saving money are two things most Americans are consistently trying to do. With these simple steps, you can majorly reduce costs and keep your home heating system operating at optimal levels.

With a lower bill, you’ll have more money to spend elsewhere this winter. You’ll also have peace of mind that your home is contributing to the overall health of our earth. If you need maintenance or repairs performed on your home heating system, contact us today.